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If you're unable to participate on one of these WOTLK Gold servers, there are plenty of healthy options at the very least. For instance, Earthshaker PvP is a very healthy Alliance popular server, as long as it remains active. It seems that the free transfer to milgrain could have saved the server and made it a top destination for horde transfers and new characters. At the moment, we truly don't know how the servers for unlocking are performing. Iron forge Pro has not been upgraded. It's possible that even when it's updated, it will not count 1000s of players who are just gearing up and prepping for wrath.

So where should you go. If you're currently in one of the locked servers, you're sure to have queues they're going to exhaust you, but you know that your server is bound to be healthy in the long term, the freshly-launched PvP servers irritate Forge in particular. Jindo and the fresh PvE servers, huge soccer and MALDEF although they're being not 100% guaranteed, are an excellent option for players who are new to the game, or for existing players looking for new opportunities. In the rest, there somewhat of a mix of low to high pop servers. If servers are full, they could close at any time. Blizzard has given us as little as two or three days notice before locking down servers.

If you're someone who might be thinking of launching your own persona on one those full servers, or transferring there, you probably want to do that sooner and not later. Be aware that the designations for population that appear in the realm select screen can be misleading due to the force character migrations back in August. So while Earth fairy might say medium pop, its eyes say low. If you're looking for a way to avoid those mega servers and you're just looking for a healthy way to avoid the fire, those options are available.

A majority of these servers are PvE and there are numerous of them across all regions. Most of them fall within the 3000 to 10.000 active raiding players range according to iron forge Pro. You need to remember that all of them have been in existence since the beginning of time. as well as 3000 current players. are extremely healthy servers such as Mirage Raceway, Westfall s Gandhi and When Seeker. another guard. Most servers are home to cheap WOTLK Classic Gold two factions that in today's classic environment is an absolute novelty.

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