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This article will guide you in the acceptance of the seventh samurai mission in the game Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is a high-degree-of-freedom open world Genshin Impact Accounts  game that can explore and discover a variety of new storylines. After the lightning area becomes an accessible area, players have more opportunities to obtain primogem and other rewards through missions. Travelers can get to know Xavier from the land of Fontaine in Genshin Impact's latest adventure.

Players can start the seventh samurai mission through the completion of the Tatara Tales mission line. In this quest line, players need to pay attention to the Yuying Furnace. After waiting for a day, you can Buy Genshin Impact Accounts proceed to the next task. After completing this quest line, you can start the seventh samurai world quest. Receive the seventh samurai mission from Xavier on an island east of Lightning City. During this period, it will take a week or more to complete Tatara Tales in the real world.

In the quest plot, Xavier needs players to participate in the filming process of his movie. To complete this scenario, the player must defeat the bandits and change positions. The operation steps during this period are relatively simple, and the player can independently choose the challenge method of the task. However, it is important to note that during the task, you cannot leave the recording area marked by the circular translucent barrier. If you accidentally slide out of this area, it will cause the shooting to fail. To prevent this from happening, players should quickly defeat the robbers.

The reward for completing the task is 30 primogems and some other items. In addition, players who successfully unlocked Lightning reputation will receive reputation points after completing the mission.

The seventh samurai mission is an unusual mission compared to the previous mission completed by the player in Genshin Ipact. Looking forward to your exploration of this task.

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