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I'd also like to discuss for a moment about your pre-raid Best in Slot equipment and what your goals is before you enter the tier seven raids of the classic wrath phase one. If you've been sort of sorting through your Best in Slot lists, you've probably noticed WoTLK Gold that the majority of the equipment is 200 levels.

Of course, focusing on your pre-roam Best in Slot pieces is an objective that you must be working toward using the strategies we discussed previously in the video. However, in reality, you'll be able to enter the 725 min rate at about 185 average eye level which means you don't require your entire list of the Best in Slot list in order to get rid of the content efficiently.

I'm also convinced that you'll discover that reaching an average eye level of 185 isn't difficult given the fact that there's many options and ways to get 200 top-quality equipment. Even if it's not strictly your Priebus but it's going to be extremely beneficial for you and keep you going for a while with different sources like heroic drops and quest rewards, as well as various pieces of reputation-based factions, and Beuys.

In comparison to the actual wrath King in the past the heroic dungeons as well as the tier seven raids are now boosted by about 30% before advancing to classic Wrath. However, I'm guessing this is my last note regarding your time in Best in Slot and everyone will tell anyone who WOW WoTLK Classic Gold has participated in Beta testing, or PTR tests is that the content of phase one of classic wrath is fairly simple, and it's not necessary to worry about it much.

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