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Finding and equipping gear is probably the most exciting draw from D2R Ladder Items. Seeing a boss drop a number of yellow, green, or gold items never gets old. The thrill of finding loot gets even higher when you start to recognize which pieces will boost your build or will trade permanent value.

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The items with this list work most effectively as armor pieces that could drop from monsters hanging around. This excludes Runewords (begin to see the article Best Runewords for the people) and Shields because they are included in the Best Weapons list. Regardless of what class you’re playing, you may notice these pieces drop, don’t sell those to a vendor.

Diablo 2 Chance Guards© Provided by DualShockers

As you journey from the lands of d2 resurrected items, you’ll need to get the best loot you can obtain your hands on. The best way to do that is to stack all the Magic Find when you can, acquiring higher prospects for getting magic items.

In the glove slot, the most effective hands they even make are Chance Guards which have a varying 25-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items. Outside of getting very lucky with Rare gloves, Chance Guards are the only choice for Magic Find on gloves.

Diablo 2 Laying of Hands© Provided by DualShockers

Part with the Set ‘The Disciple,’ Laying of Hands is a good option for characters shooting or swinging weapons. The main stat in Laying of Hands would be the +20% Increased Attack Speed, the inclusion of Fire Resist +50% doesn’t hurt either.

For Amazons, Barbarians, and many Paladins, Laying of Hands ought to be a solid choice, if not the most effective in the slot. While you don’t want any on the other Set pieces from The Disciple, these Bramble Mitts are very worth wearing when you can benefit from the Increased Attack Speed.

Diablo 2 Waterwalk© Provided by DualShockers

Waterwalk boots can be a well-rounded item that may easily be much better than anything else you could find. Unless you have one from the top-tier boots, the advantages of a Waterwalk can surely increase your character.

The major strength of those boots would be the 20% Faster Run/Walk, +40 Stamina, or over to +65 Life. The low character requirements also greatly profit the piece; only needing Level 32 and 47 Strength is out there for the items on this list. While it will not be your best-in-slot, it’s a great mid-game item.

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