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While saving up Mora isn’t typically an issue for newer players, as you progress in the game, you might find yourself as poor as Teyvat residents Zhongli or Mona. Luckily, the lovely world of Teyvat offers a plethora of ways to fill your in-game wallet back up, and we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to do so in genshin account .

Triumph in the Spiral Abyss

During these tough challenges, you will face powerful enemies spread over 8 levels, each with 3 floors. For each level, the first floor awards 15,000 Mora, the second 20,000 Mora and the third 25,000 Mora. Once you have completed the 8 levels, you will have access to 4 additional levels: the Abyss. They have the advantage of being reset twice a month. However, the challenge is more perilous. Check out our article on the best characters in Genshin Impact to make it easier for you.

Complete Daily Commissions

The most reliable way to get Mora is by completing your Daily Commissions, which can be found in your Quests menu after reaching Adventure Rank 16. Once you’ve completed all four of your Commissions and spoken to Katheryne at an Adventurer’s Guild of your choice, you’ll be rewarded with about 20,000 Mora (along with some Primogems and other goodies) depending on the intensity of the work you did. Complete your Commissions every day and you’ll essentially have a full time job!

Complete Quests

Most other quests in Genshin will reward you with some kind of Mora. You can always see how much Mora a quest will grant you by checking the Quests menu. Larger tasks, like Archon and Story Quests, can reward thousands of Mora, so make sure you’re caught up on Genshin’s story if you’re lacking in Mora. Additionally, pay attention to your inventory — during certain quests, you’ll receive Bags of Mora that can be exchanged for actual Mora at Liyue’s Northland Bank.

Complete Expeditions

After reaching Adventure Rank 14, you’ll have access to Expeditions, which can be activated by speaking with the ominously omnipresent Katheryne in any major city. Dispatching a character to Stormterror’s Lair, Dihua Marsh, Jueyun Karst, Jinren Island, or Tatarasuna will reward you with Mora, with a maximum of 5,000 Mora for 20 hours on an Expedition.

Participate in Events

Genshin Impact almost always has multiple events going on, most of which award Mora. You can access these events by heading to the Events menu or by seeking them out in the Quests menu. While the amount of Mora these events grant varies based on the intensity of the event, you’ll almost always be fairly compensated for your dedication to the game.

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