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While numerous There are three kinds of D2R Items stats which make up the attribute system in Diablo 4: primary attributes Secondary attributes, primary attributes, and additional attributes. This guide will cover them all in detail.

Primary Attributes come with five flavours of strength, intelligence fortitude, vitality, and willpower. In addition, increasing primary attributes improves secondary attributes. Furthermore, increasing secondary attributes improves the player's power within Diablo 4.

The advantage of willpower and determination is that they provide both defensive and offensive benefits via the secondary stats they enhance.

Secondary Attributes focus on player power D2R items for sale console, and feature possibly the most crucial stat in Diablo 4's game - the combat score. It is divided into offensive and defensive ratings, the rating is then evaluated against the combat rating of the enemy and the player can be awarded a bonus or a penalty based on whether the rating is higher or lower than the goal. The other secondary attributes are the following: armor, armor penetration capacity, power, and resistance.

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