Diablo 4's microtransactions caused some backlash from buryw's blog

Activision Blizzard has released Diablo 4 Gold to thousands of downloads, and numerous players have voiced their displeasure about the microtransactions over the course of the first few days after its release. One Diablo 4 fan has pointed out one big problem with the mobile game's pity system while trying to buy a five-star Gem.

Reddit member HolyFuror recently posted an example of their experience in Diablo 4. highlighting the microtransactions in relation to Gems along with Legendary Crests. Legendary Crests can be used to unlock Elder Rifts that are found in Diablo Diablo 4. which allows players of higher levels to earn Legendary Gems required to empower some of the ARPG's strongest gear. If Diablo 4 players collect 50 Legendary Crests they are able to trade the Crests for a 5-Star Gem, but HolyFuror has declared that this doesn't necessarily mean that the gem has been given the full 5-star ranking.

HolyFuror has released a picture that demonstrates some Diablo 4 microtransactions and why players do not receive a five out of 5-Star Gem when they exchange 50 Legendary Crests to get the assured Gem. The image shows how Diablo 4 fans may expect the mentioned five-star Gem based on the game's in-game terminology, but Activision Blizzard has already mentioned in the overview of shops why this isn't the case. If Diablo 4 players trade their Legendary Crests for the guaranteed 5-Star Gem, it can be worth anything between one and five stars, and the value will be based on to RNG.

Official Activision Blizzard language displayed in the shop overview states that the guaranteed gem comes with an ? five-star rating and the odds indicate 2 out of 5 being 75% likely, while a 5-star is one percent. HolyFuror has calculated that for players in Diablo 4 player to receive the 5 out of 5-Star Gem, using the Legendary Crest method, they would need to buy an average 1.553 packs, costing $3.451.11. With the chance of success that comes with this method, as well as the cost of fully preparing for Diablo 4 costing as much as an automobile, players who collect Legendary Crests may try to obtain Legendary Gems through Elder Rifts instead.

Diablo 4's microtransactions caused some backlash, resulting in an extremely low Metacritic score due to reviews bombs which continue to come in. However, Diablo 4 utilizes confusing language which could result in players like HolyFuror spending more money than they'd like to for a 5-star Gem, a number of Reddit users have expressed concern that this type of language is not uncommon in mobile games. While many of buy Diablo 4 Gold fans responding to HolyFuror's blog post claim that nobody is willing to pay this much for Legendary Gems, one Twitch streamer has spent $10.000 without having a 5-Star Gem.

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