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Unlike the family set, there's no agreement on the best family bonus. Vengeance is Diablo 4 Gold a great choice for Crusaders in PvP, since the Sacred Flame group attack will offer more chances to start.

The build is only successful when the Crusader's offense is robust enough. Achieving more damage to the enemy players is an easy option. From there, adding attack speed to enable the Vengeance effect manifest is an investment worthy of consideration.

There are two kinds of gems to think about for this build: legendary gems , and the regular gems. Everyone from all levels of income are likely to use this guide, therefore there three charts on legendary gems to choose from. Chances are that spending money to gain an advantage will not be enough to get the right gems. Feel free to combine and mix those charts based on the player's most valuable statistics.

Legendary Gems

Much like other DPS characters in PvP the "tanky" gems remain highly valuable. A dead character deals no damage. In groups, the PvP Crusader will be setting up allies who also deal damages primarily. Make sure you are a team player and keep your cool. There are players who have extremely high win percentages still play Power and Command and Cutthroat's Grin even after having all 5-Star gems. The 5-Star gems are typically thought to be better due to the Resonance bonus. However, there's an important benefit here.Berserker's Eye and Ca'arsen's invigoration are, again, a use for some of the top players. Do not feel pressured to replace them with a gem of greater rarity unless it makes sense to do this.

Regular Gem Preference

In reality, there's a perfect balance of offensive and defensive regular gems. The offensive aspect is what this build requires or it could be ignored by the opposition. If dying appears to be a problem, take the time to plug in some defensive gems that are commonplace and cheap Diablo IV Gold see if that fixes the problem.

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