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There are more than 20 confirmed games that D2R Items will be available on Xbox Game Pass for 2023 and the list will only grow. Major titles like Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Ark 2 are joining Redfall along with Starfield as the first two on this list. However, D2R Ladder would really be the crowning jewel on an already impressive list of games.

The Crusader is a class from D2R Ladder in the event that it decides to focus on something, it goes completely into it. It can fill its entire taskbar with mobility, tanking damage that is single-target or damage-to-group abilities. In the higher Challenge Rifts players require a little of everything to get at the top.

The top Crusaders in D2R Ladder have some challenging choices to make as a result. What are their strengths and which ones are lost? By analyzing the top Crusaders on the leaderboards of each server, it appears to be a particular build that is the most efficient.

Because of a variety of factors, like equipment, skills reforging, upgrading, and other factors It is not possible to pinpoint the exact figures for a lot of the numbers given here. Any variable number has been substituted with an 'X' in order to indicate the possibility of changing.

This isn't a strictly Spinning Shield build, but that skill will be handling the group damage. Draw and Quarter do the work on the mobility side of things. Punish is responsible for cheap D2R Ladder Items single-target damage as well as blocking/defense.

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