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Gamers are spending thousands dollars to D2R Items get access to the game's Legendary Gems and upgrade their character's abilities enough to progress in any meaningful manner, and also have a chance in fights against other players. 

One player has in the process of turning it on its head because of their collection of World of Warcraft currency, that they are turning into general Blizzard currency to use in the game's upcoming expansion.

D2R Ladder is the most recent installment of Blizzard's long-running Diablo series. The game is set in the dark world of Sanctuary and is home to numerous heroes, angels and demons. D2R Ladder is set between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and will see 

players join regular Deckard Cain on a quest to recover the broken bits of Worldstone before the devastation strikes Sanctuary. Players will also do battle with those of Skarn who was a former lieutenant from the story's titular villain, who is the brains behind the threat that is facing Sanctuary.

The person mentioned above, who's taking advantage of their World of Warcraft gold stockpile in D2R Ladder. goes by the name Naecabon according to GamesRadar. Naecabon revealed this in a lengthy Reddit blog post under the name daymeeuhn. In it, they discussed converting approximately 600 million Warcraft gold they had saved to D2R Ladder Items Buy buy $50k World of Warcraft tokens to use in the MMO's auction house.

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