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But, if we didn't believe we could build great games on WOW WOTLK Classic Gold a mobile platform, we wouldn't have done it. Mobile game titles have been around for a while, and World of Warcraft is the only one we've accomplished so far. The thing that has taken time is working out how to discover the Blizzard way to create a great mobile game.

Are there ever discussions that say"OK, let's make it mobile but let's come up with something that doesn't have all the baggage of an existing IP, as well as all the people who have already invested in it.Yes, we've spoken about this. We've discussed, "How do we think about the new IP on the new platforms?"One of the features we communicate with all of our IP is that each one is constructed and designed in order to allow for a lot more, not just different platforms, but also different types of games, and various types of games.

Here's an example of this. If you think of World of Warcraft , which is our longest-running IP which has supported massive MMO and has also supported real-time strategy games and played a collectible card game. That's a lot of different genres of game that have been developed from the same IP. In fact, we think there's plenty of potential for creating games, various types of games, in our existing IP. However, I'm convinced that you do take on the perception of players as well as expectations for players whenever you're considering developing a brand new game for the new platform certain.

Does this kind of model of creation sustainable or feasible in a commercial sense? It's possible that something like World of Warcraft exists now due to the lengthy period of having Titan and reworking it and experiencing the ups and declines associated with developing. The end result, many years after, is a game which has a broad and powerful appeal. But is it realistic to run the same cycle in every game?

I'm not certain that us at Blizzard have any choice but to go this way. I don't know that there's another option for Blizzard. We are convinced that team leaders need to believe in and have an idea of an idea that they believe is a great idea. This is a fundamental method of working.

Blizzard has no tradition of Mike Morhaime, or me or any other person at the top declaring, "Hey, Blizzard should go make, insert type or game." It's not how Blizzard works. It's a group of developers that truly believe in one particular concept or particular genre is given the time to come up with ideas and then iterate and produce something that we think can be excellent. This is how it's always was, and how it's currently.

I'm trying to figure out how to answer this without unnecessarily vilifying Activision. The question I'm asking is what are the current business realities that we face today and your relationship to your parent firm, Activision, such that, you can continue to operate that way? Is Blizzard independent enough to tell you that we aren't convinced that this is an idea that's worth our time, so we're going out of our way to stop it, and we're planning have to go back to buy WOTLK Gold  our drawboard ... You may not see another game from us for five, ten, or a decade or whatever else it could be?' Do you find yourself in the position where you can do that?

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