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WoW is still extremely popular nearly 15 years later it's launch. The game's popularity increased in 2020 with the launch of  WOTLK Classic Gold WoW Classic which has evolved into a massive MMO for itself. That game's next expansion, The Burning Crusade, is now open to beta testers.

The success that has been enjoyed by WoW Classic has surprised even Blizzard who was of the opinion that the game would appeal only to core fans. Executive producer John Hight told P2Pah: "It definitely surprised us."

The singer added: "When we put out Classic we weren't sure what to expect. Would this be a major deal or not? We thought"Our core fans are surely going to be delighted by this, so let's make this to them.' And then, it became a whole huge community consisting of WoW players. As large as our modern WoW community. This surprised us," Hight said. "We discovered, 'Oh, my gosh, we're supporting two communities. What can we do to do that?'"

"Suffice you to know, I'm pretty sure that we hold the record for two of the biggest MMOs on the planet Earth. That's a large community. More than we imagined it would be."

World of Warcraft Devs Talk Patch 7.2 Helping Solo Player and The Possibility of flowing Capes

World of Warcraft Patch 7.2 The Tomb of Sargeras has been live for a few weeks since then, and the development team is working to work on improving this experience (a series of updates went live just last week), one accomplishment still stands: This is the largest non-expansion update yet in Blizzard's MMO.

Just prior to 7.2 launch, we talked with Travis Day (senior producer), Ryan Shwayder (senior designer and content supervisor) and Morgan Day (senior designer as also Dungeon and Raid design lead) each about their hopes for the Tomb of Sargeras as well as the process of buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold creating material for their game.

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