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You know, there were a couple of D2R Items questions I had to ask when Mike stated, "Hey, you should think about taking this job." There was a handful of questions I asked Mike, as well as a few questions I had for Bobby [Kotick, CEO of Activisionand others from Activision Blizzard. What you're discussing is something that is important to what it means to be Blizzard and from a developer standpoint, and also from a as a community and fan perspective.

Here's what I'm about to be saying. As we sit here, we are about to have our Diablo League Finals that was actually created by some of the staff at Activision Blizzard, and the motivation behind it is similar to the need we feel, which is to have our games be played, seen, and being played by millions of gamers all over the world.

We may have different ways of thinking about how we achieve that goal, but our goals are very similar and very aligned with them.The worry from a fan perspective is, if there's an eventual point when it appears that Diablo League can't sustain the level of excitement it needs do Activision suddenly change its mind to "Well we're going to come up with the next thing right now,"

This is where the clash of ideas could occur, when it's like,"Well we're operating in a manner that you might not get another Diablo for an additional 10 years." Are you in a position in which you determine the rules for your gamesand don't be given instructions on how to make your games or forced to create them in a different fashion to meet demands.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I believe that's the way that Blizzard has always worked. this kind of bottom-up perspective on what the games we'd like to develop and progress towards are and [that] is what's vital. It's so ingrained and part of the very DNA of buy diablo II resurrected items Blizzard, I don't know what other way Blizzard can be successful in a different way.

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