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And Joe as D2R Items director for Diablo 4as director of Diablo 4, there has been a buildup of momentum, and you're now the next stage in the one-two punch of Diablo coming back. What's it like to have this job, and is it a lot of pressure; how do you handle that?

Joe Shely: Well, it's been great creating the game and being able to share. Every day I think "Okay I'm not going to discuss the Necromancer. It's not the time to start talking about the Necromancer yet." Therefore, I'm very eager to talk about the Necromancer.

It's an thrilling time for Diablo. The world of Diablo 4 is this vast enormous open world. You're creating your own character and you're directly entering the world. There's no need to create individual games. You're in this world and traversing it to get to caves. It's Diablo the way it's intended to play.

Speaking of the Necromancer obviously, a character which has a lot of history to it, but also I'm guessing that the majority of fans are going to be expecting to see something entirely new and not having a character that is returning. What was the thought procedure behind bringing back Necromancer, instead of saying, "Here's something that no previously seen has been seen before?"

Shely says: In a lot of way, Diablo 4 is a affectionate letter to our fans. We've really focused on this motif of returning darkness. We're also aware that when we develop an Diablo game, players are expecting a lot of D2: R, Diablo, and previous Diablo experiences that they've enjoyed.

Therefore, we are aware that we've got a lot of things that just should be there. In the case of the classes we wanted to make sure that the kind of experience that people cherished from previous Diablo games were available as well as bringing them into the most current versions of the game.

Furthermore, Diablo 4 is really all about choices. You can make so many more choices than you ever have before , thanks to your classes. They're larger than ever. Even with buy D2R Ladder Items the Necromancer, as an instance, there's options like full character customization.

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