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We've got Jordan challenges. Jordan challenges 2K MT . They're they're back, but they're bigger. Better. There's been a lot of chatter about all of them, and the one that's likely to be emotional and the one that I'm interested in going back to and reliving is Kobe. The first time we will face each other. It's going to be really fun. I'm a massive MyTeam player so I was very excited the possibility of more contracts and triple threat online co-op.

You guys recently announced J. Cole having his own cover. What happened and why? Three and a half years ago, when he dunk during one of the breaks on the All-Star Weekend Saturday Night, J. Cole said 'Ronnie, I'd love to be on MyCareer and help you think about the ideas around that.I was part of our team to bring this idea to life but it was fitting to work alongside him. However, I am awestruck that it's known as"the Dreamer Edition, because it was similar to one of those dreams that came to fruition over a number of years. It took quite a while to actually make it occur.

Naturally, his entry into the basketball world and playing abroad and doing many big things in the basketball world. When we released that tease, everyone thought it was going to be yet another player in the basketball world... That's why you already know that it was a dream that came together and so excited that it allows us enjoy the latest fashions, culture and music. 2K has a seat at the table.

Do you think this will become something that is happening now with covers? A performer, a non-athlete ou another rapper?

In fact, we're starting to live in places that aren't just basketball courts or video games. That's why I believe that's likely to 2K23 MT Buy happen as we continue to expand within the culture ecosystem and where it may be leading us, who knows? Right? It's common to talk about how musicians want to be athletes, athletes want to be musicians. 

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By wangyue
Added Nov 9 '22



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