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Then you think, 'Oh I've D2R Items got to continue with this...My builds needs two additional Mages.' Then eventually, your level will surpass that of the other and I'm not ready to surrender the shield. I'm gonna carry this shield, even if it's weaksince I'm seeking this ability."

It's not so in Diablo IV. Players can transfer legendary powers around with an NPC known as the Occultist after an item with higher performance has been discovered. The players will be able to transform common items into legendary ones.

"And this is why the idea of being able to hold onto your build and be able to truly customize your character through taking legendary abilities, removing them from one thing , and transmuting them into something else in a fundamental way, which changes the build system," Fergusson said.

The possibility of extracting legendary powers and incorporate them into new items is a feature of the newly published Diablo Immortal, giving fans an idea of how this system might come into play within Diablo IV. Blizzard has added a system to Diablo in 2015 that allowed players could extract and then use up to 3 legendary powers with the Kanai's Cube however the powers are not transferable to other objects.

Another major feature of Diablo IV is the Paragon system. Contrary to the Diablo Paragon mechanism, which could almost be leveled up infinitely, Diablo IV's Paragon Board system will have 100 levels according to Shely. Instead of just increasing the stats for each Paragon point.

As in Diablo the players will face greater decisions to make during Diablo IV's final game on how to develop their character. Some tiles of the Paragon board could be beneficial to certain specific skills more than others. This means that even in the event that two players have the identical class, the talents and bonus they've D2R Ladder Items Buy picked up on their Paragon boards could be totally different.

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