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Calculating your daily keto macros is now more convenient since there are a lot of Keto macro calculators that you can use online.

For a more accurate calculation, you may look for a Ketogenic calculator that includes your age, BMI, weight, gender, your sets of activities for the day, and your calorie intake.

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The common ratios of a Ketogenic diet's macronutrients breakdown are 5-10% carbohydrates, 15-25% protein, and 65-75% fat.

Now let's begin looking at how you can calculate your Keto macros.


5-10% Carbohydrates equates to approximately 20-50 grams of carbs per day. Since Ketogenic diet is a low carb one, you will also have to keep your carb intake low. What you can do is eat your carbs separately.

Before getting your total number of carbs, you need to first compute your Total Daily Energy Expenditure(TDEE). Remember that as mentioned above, you will have to record your set of activities also. That set of activities will equate to your TDEE. By then, you will have to multiply it by your total number of calories which will have to look like this:

TDEE x Total % of calories / 4 = Grams of carbs per day

You may also try this calculation;

Total number of calories x (Desire percentage of carbs) / 4 = Total number of carbs

For instance, your total calories intake is 2,000 and you wish to keep your carb intake at 5% only per day.

2,000 x 0.05 = 100

100 / 4 = 25

Your total carb intake daily will be 25 grams.

You may also look for a standard online Keto calculator that can help you as you compute for your daily carb intake.


If you are new to the Ketogenic diet and have a lightly active lifestyle, the estimated grams per pound of lean mass will range from 0.8-1.0. However, if you are into bodybuilding, you might need 1.0-1.2 grams per pound of lean mass.

You should have a general idea of what your body goal is and then use that to get your ranges that determine the amount of protein you need.

Let's say you want to maintain your body weight at 110 pounds, your body mass will roughly need 70-88 grams of protein per day.

If you want to compute the total number of calories from that amount of protein, calculate 70-88 grams of protein multiplied by 4 to give you the total number of calories from protein.


Doing a Ketogenic diet will require your body to consume 70-80% of calories. In order to know your total amount of fat needed, you will have to sum up your total number of protein with your total number of carbs and then deduct 100 from the end answer. The most recent numbers will be your total number of fat needed.

You might get varying results whenever you try to compute for your total number of fat. This may be because of your varying bod mass also. However, you will have to adjust your macros from time to time.

Your total number of fat might even shock you at first. But do not worry. As stated above, you will be needing 65-75% of fat in order to stay in Ketosis.

Know your Keto Macros

You can be your very own Ketogenic macro calculator. However, the calculation of your Keto macros above may not be 100% accurate. If you wish to have it double checked, you can consult an online Keto macro calculator.

Since going on a Ketogenic diet will also make you lose weight, you will also have to check and adjust your macros to make your daily macro intake more conducive for your current body mass.

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