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"We really wanted to put lots of the effort we had previously put into "borrowed power system" or anything that made it seem like they lived in one expansion, into improving the evergreen foundations of World of Warcraft ," Hazzikostas declared. "That's the motivation behind our capabilities, UI, and professions."

Talents for each class are getting the most dramatic update since its 2012 Mists of Pandaria update, which did away with the one point of talent per level system as well as the iconic skill trees of old-school WoTLK Classic Gold and was replaced with a less precise, but more powerful system that allowed players to select one of the key abilities from three options each 5-10 levels. With Dragonflight an alternative to the skill trees of classic WoW are being revived but with some modern day enhancements that won't force players to choose between enhancing their primary class abilities or useful, but more optional, functionality.

Each class's specialization will come with two different talent trees one for the specific specialization and one for the entire class. When players reach a certain level and gain talent points, they'll be able to use each tree that can be invested in any way they think best. The specialization specific tree will be focused on developing the fundamental abilities of the character, such as increasing the damage caused by certain spells. The specific tree for the class, however it will offer additional benefits that, while not essential to improving that specialty's primary purpose, provide players more options adapt their character to suit their style of play with buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. Players will be able to save particular talent loadouts for certain situations. There will be no cost or penalty associated with modifying abilities or switching loadouts on the in the moment.

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