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So, if you visit their site it's clear they offer insurance. If you click on the button for a quote, you're confronted with this Madden 23 coins that I've read over 100 times, but I don't know what it signifies. "We make use of the strengths of people nature and high-tech to give you extraordinary results that you'd expect from top-tier worldwide broker. Contact us with your questions and request a quote." I'm not sure what needs to be "high tech" about insurance. I'm not certain what "extraordinary outcomes" might be in this particular instance. I thought insurance was an extremely basic thing to do.

The company states that they provide car and home insurance, which cool. There are many insurance companies across the United States, from Geico and their adorable British gecko, to The General, and their mascot, Sleepy Shaq.

What could make the Steelers naming their stadium "Acrisure Stadium" strange is that according to almost every source available that does not mention Acrisure directly, they're not a major company. It's certainly not enough to justify them getting naming rights to an Madden NFL 23 stadium against the other titans in the league.

So how did this upstart tech/insurance company get to name the stadium? It might be some good, old fashioned nepotism. In the write up in the Pittsburgh Gazette we start to understand how the connection to Acrisure as well as the Steelers is more than a company buying name rights."Two years ago, Acrisure acquired the insurance practice of the artificial intelligence firm Tulco LLC with its chairman and CEO is named Mr. Tull. Tulco became a significant majority shareholder of Acrisure as part of that transaction, according to an announcement on the day of the transaction.

"Mr. Tull, a billionaire film producer, also holds an interest in ownership in Steelers." Also, Thomas Tull had a company known as Tulco that he later sold to Acrisure -- which made Tull a co-owner of Acrisure. Tull is also a minority owner in the Steelers. Also, when Acrisure is paying Acrisure to pay the Steelers, Tull is kind of paying himself. This doesn't seem suspicious to me in any way. Maybe it's something normal, and I'm getting completely confused. I'll take that on myself. To be honest I've felt a bit lost about all this ever since I read this paragraph from the website of Acrisure's about the benefits they offer clients.

"Acrisure improves the human brain's intelligence through AI-powered technology. Our approach to intelligence enhances client outcomes and speeds decision-making in fields such as insurance services, reinsurance and real estate services, cyber services and asset and wealth management. The resultis greater customer satisfaction, faster decision-making and more tailored client solutions."

I'm sure we'll get to know more about Acrisure as time goes on and the business is in the spotlight more. Perhaps we won't? Maybe we'll find out that their diversification techniques using AI-sourced beta testing of fiduciary calculations for asset growth and retention analysis is untrue. I've just invented the entirety of that phrase, and you believed for a moment that it came directly from Acrisure I'm sure of it.

Ketchup was a lot more simple. The Washington Commanders, who do well at practically nothing, besides making headlines, released the "Commander 90" during the weekend to add 10 more players to their list of the most memorable of franchise history, to commemorate the 90th year of the team.

If you believed that this would go smoothly, or be executed well, then you don't know what's happening with the Washington Commanders. The biggest omission everyone noticed was the obvious indignation that was shown in excluding Trent Williams, one of the greatest modern players in team history in the same way that the likes Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III were among the players on the roster. Williams was likely to be left out due to his request for a trade, and after some anger, the nine-time Pro Bowler was put on the checklist.

There's been some confusion about Trevor Lawrence's rookie signing bonus, and whether the No. 1 overall selection in 2021 may have lost a significant amount of money betting on cryptocurrency, which , as we've all heard has experienced massive crashes in recent months.

This week there have been numerous reports that Lawrence has lost nearly $15 million in the wake of mut coins

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