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D3. when it first D2R Items came out 10 years ago, didn't come with an endgame. When you finish the story, you were over it. There wasn't a reason to play on and become more powerful and to new adventures. With D4. we've actually invested a lot of time into having a finished game in the beginning.


Shely Says: I believe what you've said is crucial. We know that it's fun to build your character and uncover all the amazing builds. Also, we believe it's really important to have content that you can test your skills against. So we've really tried to increase the variety of tasks. Also, as Rod pointed out, in the gamewill end when you've finished the campaign it could be that you're at level 45 or more.

Your character's level rises to one hundred Paragon points. And you get access to whispers, and you gain access to Nightmare dungeons, and other ending game actions that we're in the process of trying to develop. We want you to have a wide variety of things to do. You've had world-class levels that are making it possible to increase the level of play.


Make sure that your level of difficulty can keep up with your character level. And to unlock those more difficult levels, you must succeed in completing one dungeon, which will allow you to access more challenging content. Then it comes back to the idea of creating the build, creating it strong, trying it out against a difficulties


Fergusson A Paragon system in D3 the Paragon system consisted of sliders. It also had a few of different areas of your characters. In D4. Paragon is an actual board. It's like a checkerboard. It's much more precise than that, but for the sake of simplicity, think of it as the checkerboard. Then you must navigate the board by D2R Ladder Items Buy unlocking squares as you move across the board.

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