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Fergusson: There's a lot we're thinking of D2R Items doing to prepare for the post-launch. There's a variety of ideas as you think about it in terms of seasons however, not in the way seasons are for Diablo. There's a twist.


We'd like to to expand that world and tell new stories and tell more stories that are happening within Sanctuary. Therefore, I think that we'll see people super excited about the kind of content , features, and things they'll be able to develop after the launch because that's one thing we've learned a lot from.


The lesson I've learned to be learned from Diablo has been that the game seen great success with the seasons. We're still able to get millions of players to come back to play for several hundred million hours yet we know that they're looking for more. And that's what I really feel great about. The reason that so much Diablo will be coming soon which is why we're being able to satisfy many of the fan's needs and what they're going to expect from Diablo 4 is not just the best launch but also a very satisfying post-launch.


You mentioned lessons from Diablo. Is there anything else you learned from the experience? Diablo's been on one amazing journey right from the beginning where it was a bit controversial but then it got to the point where it's an extremely enjoyable game particularly in the case of the games released on console. The general opinion was like it's that classic idea that the first impression that you make will be the one that lasts.


Fergusson A. Fergusson think it's funny. There are times when perception isn't always the truth, but when we discuss Diablo 4 being the culmination of the franchise, that's because it's seeking to acknowledge the past. And so when you look at what's included in Diablo 4. I love using the formula to feel like the darker tone that was present in Diablo 1. it's the progress from Diablo 2. it's an intense combat experience that's visceral to cheap diablo 2 resurrected items Diablo.

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