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I've always been wow tbc gold an Alliance player. However, in terms of story, I receive lots of criticism at Horde friends who say that their stories are better. The Horde have that fall from grace that makes them seem a more relatable in a few ways, while the humans could be portrayed like nice guys who are the dicks.

That's really interesting. I am Horde more, however, I like to be able to take on both characters to ensure I have a max-level character for every side. And I believe I go back and forth in the plot myself. I'm feeling like ... at times I'm thinking, "Ah! The Alliance is such a great story! The Horde ought to have this!"

It's all about what you resonate with I think. We don't intentionally try to turn the Alliance into...whatever you've ever said [laughsThe Alliance is what it is. I believe the characters are very impressive. 

Anduin is, in this expansion is becoming his own. He's now rising to the position of king and is undergoing the rite of passage. In the film we showed, there's a moment of discovery for him where it's like he kills the majority of Horde individuals close to buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold him.

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