Those are the best not only because there's a great flock of them from Nanlina's blog

LEVEL 55+ High Alching. By using High Alch player can destroy the equipment in RuneScape and then load his bank accounts by RS gold creating gold coins from it. It is popular whilst leveling different stats like Agility, Farming or Hunter. To maximize income and prevent eventual losses while coaching check online calculators which show which things are worth alch crafting. Remember you could throw High Level Alchemy on noted items that will help save you stock space and trouble of seeing a lender.

LEVEL 55+ Tele-alching. This manner revolves around using two spells at close spans. Teleport to the desired location in RuneScape globe (most people use Camelot since its near High Alch icon). Select High Alch the moment you get started nearing and the moment you look select item to alch. After this pick teleport again.

By doing this in rapid succession you are in a position to cast High Alch without casting animation that saves you precious minutes. Through crafting you'll have the ability to alch things that might return you a bit of total cost of the runes you utilized while providing over 120,000 expertise per hour. As it is one of the more affordable methods to train beyond level 55 some RuneScape players do it even till level 99.

This is quite fast but also a costly means of training Magic in RuneScape, which involves slaying huge amounts of monsters in the same time utilizing AOE spells. To cast Ice Burst you need to unlock A. Magicks and start Monkey Madness part II second chapter. The best place to use it's Ape Atoll where you can find hordes of Maniacal Monkeys. Those are the best not only because there's a great flock of them but also because they drop Prayer Potions that will considerably reduce training price. Bear in mind that as you're doing this you need to have protection against melee prayer up constantly, because'Apes together strong'.

LEVELS 78+ Tan Leather. Those who unlocked Lunar Spellbook and finished Fremennik hard Diaries can utilize Tan Leather spell. This way is a far better choice to Tele-alching as it can make you some profit while giving similar ~120k exp every hour. It is also not as click-intensive. It's recommended while performing this approach to cheap OSRS gold keep in Grand Exchange to get easy access to some source of hides. Your stock should include 25 hides, stock of Nature Rune, and Astral Rune. The previous slot should be filled with any item to prevent GP reduction since using Tan Leather contributes to 5 Leathers Tanned.

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