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You should search for hidden gems when you go on a trip. You won't find desert Camp In Jaisalmerand Jaisalmer everywhere in India. It is known as "The Golden City", and should be on your travel bucket list. This is the Thar Desert, which is a Great Indian Desert. This is one of Rajasthan's most popular tourist destinations. You can visit many tourist spots during your trip. It will be an unforgettable experience to take a trip from Jaisalmer village to Kuldhara village By Taxi Service In Jodhpur

About Kuldhara Village in Rajasthan

Kuldhara village, 25 Km from Jaisalmer, is a popular tourist destination. Everyone is excited to visit this place. Kuldhara village is a popular ghost-town and haunted spot. Before visiting, tourists begin to inquire about the area and start telling stories. These stories make the experience even more intense and exciting. The stories of the background have helped glorify classes greatly. Book a taxi Service In Jaipurnow and book your trip with JCRCab Taxi. Car Hire In Jodhpur


Story of Kuldhara Village

People believe that this village was prosperous and happy 300 years ago. Paliwal Brahmins were the original inhabitants of this area. The story revolves around them. Salim Singh, the head of state, wanted to marry the daughter of the village's chief. Salim Singh was not a good man and had no intention of marrying the girl he desired. Paliwal was under immense pressure to agree to the marriage. The villagers refused to give in to Salim Singh's evil plans.

One night, a villager fled their home and never came back. It is not known where they went or what their next occupation was. Legends say they cursed the area before leaving this prosperous village. It was believed that this curse meant that no one would ever settle in this village. This could have been for any reason, but it was true that no one ever lived there. This is when people begin to believe that the village is haunted. This helps tourists stay excited until they finally visit the place.

The truth About Kuldhara Village

Ghosts are hard to believe in. There are stories that ghosts can appear at night and that no one can stay there. If anyone begins to investigate, the gossip of mysterious deaths keeps popping up. Although there isn't much to be certain about ghosts or death stories, one thing is certain: no one has lived here since Paliwal left. These stories are important and tourists should not dismiss them. This will make your visit more enjoyable.

Ruins at Kuldhara Village

You will reach Kuldhara Village by driving 20-25 km along a dusty desert road. These ruins are alive thanks to the stories of those who know them. It was left with a sad atmosphere. However, it was easy to identify the area as a place that people once lived. Ghost stories are not something you will enjoy in the desert Safari In Jaisalmersilence. The stories are made more real by the disintegrated remains of Tent Camp In Jaisalmer

Some houses can be left as they are and visitors can go inside to see the interiors. Some houses have crumbled walls and aren't filled with good vibes. One can see the whole village if one climbs up to any of these houses. It is amazing to see the entire village. People can also identify roads and homes and even the map. It is quite disturbing to see how someone could destroy a wealthy village with evil intent. Tourists can visit the temple. Residents of nearby towns will light stories about the haunting of the area as soon as it gets dark.

The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the area as a heritage site. Paliwal's story and that of this village is true and can be believed. It is unknown if this place is haunted. Some puzzles cannot be solved, but they are kept that way. These ghosts and mysteries keep tourists and others interested. You must visit Jaisalmer at least once if you plan to visit the city. Take a taxi Service in Jaisalmerto take you to this magical place.

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