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Legion isn't WoTLK Classic Gold an exception. Even the simplest things like Chromie are not easy. In Chromie scene, it had to use elements of technology in order to enable it possible for the Order Hall talent tree work on Chromie because Chromie was not an entire class, but rather the character. Simply getting the 1's and zero's working behind the scenes for the work happen was a few bits of technology that make up a lot making it simpler for me and other designers in the game to make the kinds of experiences we'd like to create.

If you think about someone like Chromie When new players come in to play, particularly perhaps a year or two later They're unlikely be experiencing this particular patch the same way we are experiencing it today. Are you thinking to the ways you'd like to provide that to players, regardless of what time or at what time they enter. For sure. We're constantly thinking about things like that, and it's an important guiding concept in the majority of content that is included in this.5 patches. We're trying to create things that are evergreen, items that can be played anytime during the expansion or any future expansions. Chromie is one example the way it functions is by using time-walking, a different piece of technology we needed to purchase, which includes the ability to walk your level higher and your item-level higher to levels 112, which is the item's level 1000. However, that doesn't mean you're only able to run this feature at level 110. If in the future, your character is greater then 112 but your level of item is greater than 1000, it'll still function. You'll still be able speak to Chromie over Wyrmrest and tell her, "I want to help to save you as I've thought you'd be killed," and it'll still work.

Such things assist, rather than extending the duration that the games play out, it can blow out the length of the game bit and give you more to accomplish. This is a new way of telling stories. It's a bit more tangential, a more exploratory and other things that go to create Azeroth's world Azeroth larger. When there's more to do, the world feels larger and more exciting.

One thing that people are talking about lately and not necessarily connected to the patch, is the new class mounts. There are some people who, naturally are ecstatic with their class-specific mounts however, some people, especially the druids, feel a slightly disappointed, considering that they see it as an update to buy WoTLK Gold the form, not an entirely new mount. Are you aware of any issues that you aren't yet addressing or discussing with the community?

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