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The terrible players that had Mut 23 coins so much fun will not have the ability to compete at as high of a level as they did. My point is whether they are removing some skill gap by ruining defensive users so you can't actually switch off paths anymore

(Throne created the great stage of if your competitor is covering 4 paths with their user, then you just put bad paths on the field), I feel like this season is gonna put some more skill back to it.

The players will figure out ways to create this toned down defense work and could be near unstoppable on offense. You can not be serious. You believe there will not be broken plays that eventually become new"meta" that people will roll over and over to win? 

What skill? Are you even talking about Madden? It goes just downhill with Madden NFL 23 so far. Latest was utilizing fucking punter as Elite QB to win tourney, I fear to imagine what shit would folks be able to pull this off year... All cartoons are receiving copy-pasted, with all bugs and issues together with it, and heap of fresh ones as a bonus. People who will purchase this steaming pile are some real clowns.

First of all, I never said there would not be broken plays individuals spam to win. What I mentioned is if the Madden NFL 23 game a is a passing meta and you in fact have to be good at defense to get stops this year, the better players will win a whole lot longer, since the run spamming bozos out of Madden 23 WON'T have the ability to adapt at a high enough level to compete with gamers who are in fact excellent. 

The meta can not get any worse than this past year. And this is a big talk coming out of a"Soccer Team" enthusiast. You are in for a few surprise if you believe that. Just wait and see. Btw, pretty much everyone who played Beta reported that coverages simply don't function, they are buy madden nfl 23 coins unworthy.

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