It is just as ridiculous the opposite way. from Sunxuemei's blog

She is Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket literally 16 years old and has gone through horrendous loss with both her mum and her sister dying lately (seperate episodes ), and now she has to deal with randoms attacking her bc of a tan. She's had a rough fucking go of it, idk how folks bring themselves to keep putting down her on something so insignificant.

It is just as ridiculous the opposite way.

But because I got my daddy's white genes (I absolutely cannot tan. I only freckle), apparently that means I'm no more Hispanic and am not allowed to speak about Latino issues.

I'd love to see what these people would do if they met with this AirForce man I know. Hed break their brains.Ya understand, the whole point of a match. Be someone who is not. Should I play madden is that offensive to NFL players since I haven't put in the hours needs to get drafted? Or can it be racist that a number of teams have black quarterbacks?

I always wanted the Asian bratz doll since I thought she was the prettiest. But you know, if you are a blonde blue eyed little girl then everyone will present you that the blonde blue eyed doll... it was kinda dull when all of the dolls you own are clones of each other, I desired variety

Cultural apropriation can be a issue, but people frequently speak about it the wrong way. By way of instance, if a brand new culture adopts say a hairstyle and it turns into a popular fad, but the civilization that invented it is seen as backwards buy animal crossing bells new horizons for using it, that is debatable cultural apropriation.

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By Sunxuemei
Added Jan 14 '21



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