World of Warcraft's auctionhouse will go region-wide for commodities in the 9.2.7 update from wangyue's blog

Use a consistent method of itemizing throughout all phases of WOTLK Gold expansion. Serves: Approachable and Familiar

Blizzard continues to outline the various ideas it's been thinking of but hasn't yet put into action "such as 25-player and 10-player raids dropping the same items, Heroic dungeons getting improved drops or increasing the beginning difficulty of Heroic Dungeons." The most notable change was to render Naxxramas a bit more difficult to play, since the studio believes it made the game simpler than it had been intended.

The Heroic Dungeons will also receive an overhaul in loot and level of difficulty, so that they remain appealing to players for longer: These quickly became ridiculously easy during OG The Wrath Time. Blizzard has said it will include new challenges in the areas to help in this regard, as well as appropriate rewards.

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The developer also assures players that no matter what changes are to be made "we are going to ensure that all WotLK raid and dungeon items remain available for purchase as well as their distinctive artwork."

The blogpost ends with an explanation of the three WOTLK Classic design foundations, but the message to take away is that this is when WOTLK Classic begins to seriously depart and diverge from OG WoW. This was always the big question with the whole project: Does it just follow the same history as the original game or did Blizzard create 'improvements' using hindsight?

We're on the right path. Wrath of the Lich King will definitely see renewed excitement for WOTLK Classic The reason is that if you ask me, the game has never been better than during the return of Arthas cheap WOTLK Classic Gold. Blizzard hasn't yet dated the expansion but it's due this year. Below is all we know about how the studio will bring back one of the most popular WoW periods.

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