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Once inside OSRS gold the host's house you will utilize the bones of the Gilded Altar by right clicking the bones and then using them as altars. It is possible to speed up the method and experience rates by one ticking the bones that is, using every bone separately in the altar as swiftly as possible. After you've used all of the bones you must look around the house until you see an amulet of glory that is mounted in the walls. Right click the amulet then press teleport to Edgeville. Once you are in Edgeville just right-click the noted bones in your inventory . make use of them in conjunction with the banker to swap the bones in the form that was noted. It is then time to click on the teleport tablet , and repeat the process until you're at your desired prayer level.

It is the Chaos Temple Altar method

Bones needed, and Buy RuneScape gold their cost using the methods listed below:

Big bones are required: 125.000 Cost: 29.000.000

Dragon bones required: 26.000 Cost: 63.000.000

Dagannoth bones are needed: 15.000 Cost: 135.000.000

Superior dragon bones needed: 13.000 Cost: 162.000.000

The cheapest and most efficient method to increase your levels of prayer. Every time you use this altar, you'll generally gain one additional bone for every bone that you employ on the altar. This is essentially a way to achieve your desired praying level for half the cost it would take with the Gilded Altar mentioned earlier. Be aware that it is important to note that Chaos Temple Altar is located in the wilderness level 38 and is a highly dangerous space for players. If you're confident of of being mortally wounded, you'll need purchase every bone you'll require to achieve your desired prayer level as well as burning amulets to make the journey between locations easier. Once you've obtained these two items you'll need to withdraw one burning amulet from your savings account alongside 27 unnoted bones. Select the Burning amulet and then press Rub . Then select the teleport to the lava maze. Take a run West after you teleport and you'll find that the Chaos Temple altar. Take the bones you brought on the Altar and you'll begin making progress in gaining experience during prayer. You can use the one method mentioned above to increase your experience rate faster. Once you have used all of the bones, click the table next to the Altar with it with the Wine of Zamorak on it. The monks will assault each when you touch the table. This will make banking efficient If you are killed, run towards the bank, and then back to the lava maze to repeat the process. If you do not wish to use the Wine of Zamorak table for swift banking, then you can make use of to use the Amulet of glory method. If this is your choice run south after using all the bones placed on the altar. When you reach level 30 , right click on the amulet , and select teleport to Edgeville where you can deposit your bones and use the amulet's burning repeatedly to teleport you to the lava maze. Repeat this process until you have reached your desired prayer level.

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