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You've decided that you'll purchase an PDE-5 inhibitor to treat your erectile dysfunction issue, but you're not sure which one will be the best for you. The three you have to pick among include Cenforce 50 (sildenafil, Pfizer), Cialis (tadalafil, Lilly/ICOS) and Levitra (vardinafil, Bayer). These three medications are the only approved drugs by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction.


The three drugs perform the same function to keep the high levels of called cGMP (cyclic monophosphate of guanosine) which is created when a person is sexually stimulated. If there are significant levels of the cGMP, a sufficient amount of blood flow towards the penis and an erection is likely to last. PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) is the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down cGMP, so the idea is to inhibit the introduction of this enzyme when an erection is desired. This is possible by using all three mentioned products. There is however some distinctions in each of them that need to be taken into consideration prior to making your purchase.


There's never been a head-to-head comparison of these three drugs which is due in part to the fact Cialis as well as Levitra are still relatively brand newcomers in the field of PDE-5 inhibitors. Vigora 100 however, on the other hand is available for quite a while and has been used by over 30 million patients taking this medication and a multitude of peer-reviewed studies published. Although there isn't an official recognition of a comparison between these three drugs in combination the three drugs have been studied in isolation, and the outcomes are produced similar results.


The first thing to discuss is the commonalities between the three medications. The efficacy is about 70% for the three drugs. The majority of men experience success. In addition, these drugs are safe if they are used in accordance with the correct guidelines and instructions. There are similar precautions to be followed before taking any of these medications.


1. Inform your doctor:


Concerning any reactions to medicines.


Concerning any prescription or non-prescription medications that you are currently taking along with any diet and herbal supplement.


What about any procedures you're planning to undergo in the near future.


O Concerning any nitroglycerin, or long-acting nitrate that you are taking to treat chest discomforts (may cause extremely low blood pressure when used in conjunction in conjunction with an PDE-5 inhibitor).


You should inform your doctor about any alpha-blockers that you are taking to treat prostate or blood pressure issues (may result in extremely low blood pressure if taken together with the PDE-5 inhibitor).


2. Follow the directions on the label attentively and adhere to them precisely as directed.


3. Don't use any of these medications more than once per day.


4. Consult your physician or pharmacist to explain any issue you don't understand.

The adverse effects related to Viagra, Cialis and Vilitra are similar to those that are associated with Levitra, Cialis and Viagra. The following side effects may occur in some men, however they're not typical:


o Headache


o A stomach upset


Flushing (a warmth)


Nasal congestion


Changes in vision


o back discomfort (mostly associated with Cialis)


The majority of the time, these adverse effects are not severe However, if more severe manifestations occur, it is suggested that you consult with your doctor.


If one of these symptoms arise after taking any of these PDE-5 inhibitor medications, it is advised to seek immediate treatment in a hospital


O Severe rash


A erection that is painful


An extended erection lasting longer than four hours.


o A fainting incident


Any chest discomfort

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