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I am always amazed by the search for a female Viagra. Most likely because I don't know what the person is referring to when they use the term "female Viagra" - Cenforce FM and I'm fairly certain that they don't understand what they mean! As with the search in search of "the" Holy Grail, this mission is a daunting one.


If you're looking for something that can draw blood from a woman's body into her vaginal and clitoral region in the same manner as Viagra does for males then be looking no further. Viagra is an old Viagra (the identical blue pill men use) does the same thing for females. Ta-da. You've found the female Viagra.


However, I believe that the majority of people have a different meaning when they talk about. I suspect they are looking for a medication that will make sexual intimacy "better" for women. But what exactly does that mean?


It could refer to one of these:


1. I'm in search of a drug that can make a woman feel more sexually stimulated during a sex session.


2. I'm in search of a drug that will make women desire to have sexual sex.


3. I'm trying to find a pill that can help women get a better and more satisfying orgasm.


4. I'm trying to find a pill that will help women feel less anxious when engaged in sexual activity.


Here's the secret. Sildigra 100 is a single drug for men: it makes it possible to get an extremely strong and firm erection by allowing penis blood flow. The flow of blood through the genitals stimulates women as well. We've found the answer to number one!


If a man is suffering from an unsatisfactory libido or doesn't want to experience an orgasm, it's likely that Viagra can do almost make a difference. This is also true for women. The difference is that for men the erection can be such an essential and prominent part of sexual intimacy that it's like that having an erection is a sign that the obvious issues are resolved. For those men, issues with sexual desire or gastric issues may require medical attention and the same is true for women.


I know it's hard to believe, however there are a lot of women that get attracted easily and enjoy great orgasms, yet they find their desires to be incredibly low. There are women who want to have sex however, their bodies don't respond to normal stimulation. There are women who would like to have sex, but get excited but can't get an orgasm. We've all met women who are looking for sex, become a hot mess, experience orgasms, and can't seem to feel comfortable letting their partners see them naked. What a tangled group we make up.


What I'm trying to convey is that an "one size fits all," medicine is simply an unrealized dream, and certainly not practical for women. (Frankly I don't think that's the case when it comes to men, either. Tadacip 20 is often thought of as a panacea, but it's not -- but that's an issue for another newsletter.)


What I'm looking for in case you're interested... There are a variety of "Viagras;" that is numerous solutions - hormone, medical, pharmaceutical and behavioral - that address the various aspects of sexuality for women. When these solutions are in place there is only someone who is knowledgeable enough to be aware of the appropriate time to apply every one of them.

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By James Smith
Added May 23 '22



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