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The Elden Ring's Talisman Pouch shows that the Twin Maiden Husks may be older entities who may have been alive at Elden Ring Runes the time that the Roundtable Hold used assassins. Its Talisman Pouch's description states: "As voices of the Two Fingers they are said to live forever." ..." The only Finger Reader confirmed by the Roundtable Hold is Elia, whose body is an husk. The use of a husk is believed to be the method by which she received eternal life as a Finger Reader, as it allows her soul to continue living while her former body fades away. This suggests that Elia existed prior to The Shattering and even Elden Ring's Queen Marika, who was the one who gave immortality to all creatures in the Lands Between without the use of husks. Since the Twin Maidens were also gifted husks, they may also predate Marika's reign and would have been alive during the time when Roundtable Hold used assassins.

Furthermore, the fact that the twin Maiden Husks were gifted these new bodies, despite not being Finger Readers implies that they weren't conventional Finger Maidens. Finger Maidens are believed to support those who are Tarnished by guiding them towards Grace. The Maidens don't appear to have the ability to grant immortality frequently as is evident by Hyetta as well as the Finger Maiden players are required to assist her since her eyesight has been deteriorating dramatically. Therefore, The Twin Maiden Husks likely function in some other role for their Two Fingers, and considering their main business revolves around gathering Bell Bearings from bounties, it's not an unreasonable idea to believe that they might have assisted with assassins within the Roundtable Hold prior to the time of the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Buy Smithing Stone 5 and 6

In their travels through in the Lands Between, Elden Ring players will have the ability to use many different weapons. They can be upgraded with the help either Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones, With that said, and to make sure that your weapons will be able to cheap Elden Ring Items go against the numerous bosses that are in the game on equal terms, we will now tell you how to buy level 5 , 6 Smithing Stones in From Software's Elden Ring.

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